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More Success for Trafford Troupes

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Bollington Troupe, Sale Carnival 1926

Inevitably, additional results of morris and entertaining troupe competitions will be located in which Trafford-based troupes took part and won prizes. New newspapers will continue to be released by the British Newspaper Archive and will produce information that was unknown at the time of submitting 'Carnivals, Contests and Coronations' to print.

Here is an update:

1. Bollington Troupe, Wilmslow Carnival 1926

Dancing troupes

1.+ Silver Cup Bollington Troupe, Altrincham

2. Persian Rug Dancers, Crewe

3. GR Berry, Stockport

(Alderley and Wilmslow Advertiser, 9 Jul 1926, p.6)

2. Bollington Troupe + a previously unknown Altrincham troupe, Alderley Edge Carnival 1926

Best Troupe of Dancers under 16

1. Irish Jig Dancers, Bollington, Altrincham

2. Russian Mazurka, Stockport

3. Promenade Dancers, Altrincham

(Alderley and Wilmslow Advertiser, 16 Jul 1926, p.7)

3. Appearance of Altrincham Morris Dancer at Altrincham Jazz Band Contest 1928

A display of Morris dancing was given by the Altrincham Morris Dancing Troupes[sic] under the direction of Mr Clegg Jnr.

(Alderley & Wilmslow Advertiser, 25 May 1928, p.11)

4. Ashfield Morris Dancers, Whitchurch Carnival 1930

‘There was competition dancing by the Wem and Whitchurch troupes, Ashfield Morris Dances, Runcorn Belles of Broadway, Northwich Gypsy troupe and Ardwick Acrobatic dancers in the afternoon and evening…’

Ashfield Morris dances took part in the procession.

Troupes of Dancers (Open)

1. and cup Riff Dancers of Morocco (Mark Drayton)

2. The P.C. Patrol Dancers (Ardwick)

3. Ashfield Morris Dancers

(Chester Chronicle, 6 Sep 1930, p.5

5. Ashfield Lido Girls Entertainers, Knutsford May Day 1933

Troupe Dancing

1. Lymm Acrobatic

2. Lido Girls

3. Empire Girls

4. 1932 Kuties

(Alderley & Wilmslow Advertiser, 12 May 1933, p.10)

6. Gorse Hill Morris Dancers, Disley Carnival 1934

Morris Dancing (over 14 years)

1. Gorse Hill, (Mr T.H. Emery)

2. North Moor Morris Dancers, (Mrs J. Platt)

(Alderley & Wilmslow Advertiser 24 August 1934, p.3)

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