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Can you identify this morris troupe?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

This photograph was found on ebay. It shows a junior morris troupe dressed in the Cheshire style at Blackpool Carnival. My guess is that it dates between the mid 1920s and the early1930s. There are sixteen dancers, eight boys and eight girls, most of whom appear to be aged around 10 - 13, and an adult leader.

Their outfits, particularly those of the boys, have some familiar and some more unusual features.

The boys are wearing white shirts with dark ties, a dark coloured sash over the right or left shoulder, depending upon which side of the set they are marching, and knee breeches held up by a belt. The breeches are of a slightly darker colour than their shirts. There appear to be bells on the hem of the breeches. They wear white long socks and white pumps. Their headgear is not the usual headscarf tied at the back, as worn by most Cheshire troupes of this period. Instead they are wearing some kind of dark hat with a lighter coloured band around it and some kind of small plume at the front.

The outfit of the girls is more in line with standard Chshire style. They sport high collared white knee length dresses with a dark coloured sash around the waist. They wear short white socks and white pumps and have what appears to be white headscarves on their heads.

The leader is wearing a black short bolero over a white shirt which is worn open at the collar. He has dark knee-length breeches with what seems to be a rosette to the outside of the hem. He has a dark headscarf. All are carrying a pair of sticks with short ribbons on each end and not the usual shillelaghs of the Cheshire style troupes.

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